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The fresh, floral air energizes you. The warm, tranquil waters refresh you. The breathtaking, natural beauty renews you. There’s no place on earth like Hawaii. Made up of six different islands, each island offering distinct experiences that will entice any traveler – an aspect that makes cruising there even more appealing! Hawaii is a magnificent meld of lush rainforest, ancient kingdoms, sky-high waves and colossal beauty.

Mesmerizing women swaying in grass skirts, powerful waves dotted by surfers on sleek boards, rugged coastlines with picturesque steep cliffs, fresh pineapple served alongside roast pork at a traditional Hawaiian luau: Everything you imagine when you think of Hawaii is accessible by cruise ship. Capture the spirit and soul of Hawaii as you sail to four different islands all in one trip without the hassle of having to pack and unpack, multiple flights and the high cost of hotel accommodations. Let the soaring cliffs of the Napali Coast, which can only be seen by air or by sea, take your breath away. Cruise by Kilauea Volcano, the most active volcano in the world. Adventure awaits you around every corner. With over 100 hours in port and 2 overnight stays delight in the spirit of the Hawaii Islands.



Destination Highlights:
■ Sail by dramatic cliffs of Kauai’s Napali Coast
■ Sunbathe on Honolulu’s bustling Waikiki Beach
■ Climb to the volcanic summit of Maui’s Haleakala Crater
■ Savor world- famous Kona coffee in the verdant hills above Kona on The Big Island
■ See natural beauty on The Road to Hana, a narrow, twisty road peppered with waterfalls and rainforest scenery
■ Spot a magnificent humpback whale off the coast of Maui

Cruise Tips:
■ Sailing is 7 Nights
■ Sails year-round from Honolulu
■ Best time of the year for whale-watching is December – January (whale season is November through early May)
■ Many of Hawaii’s key attractions are national parks or national historic sites. Purchasing a National Parks Pass can offer great savings.
■ Hawaii is not known to be a budget-friendly destination, so you may want to return to your ship for meals if funds are limited