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What is the difference between chartered aircraft flights and scheduled airline service?
There are two major differences between private charter and scheduled airline service: cost and flexibility. While chartering an aircraft is generally more expensive, it provides a much higher degree of flexibility, efficiency and privacy. You can fly on YOUR schedule to a domestic or international destination of YOUR choice. Service to both major and general aviation airports gives you access to more than ten times as many domestic destinations as scheduled airline service.

Why and when should I consider chartering an aircraft for my group?
When evaluating your air travel needs, you should consider chartering an aircraft if you are looking for flexibility and efficiency.

When you fly scheduled airlines, you travel on the airline’s schedule and zigzag along their hub-and-spoke routes, often having to connect and change planes, doubling or tripling travel time. When traveling to a remote destination, this is often followed by long drives to and from large commercial airports.  Chartering an aircraft allows you to fly where you want, when you want, in the plane you want with extra amenities you choose for the group.

You may also want to consider chartering an aircraft for your group if you have a large number of participants originating in the same city or are traveling to a destination where airlift in and out is limited.  This will mean using multiple airlines departing and arriving at different times, potentially days increasing transfer and housing costs.

Increasingly more and more business travelers are discovering the advantages of charter travel.  Time is money and every wasted moment is a lost opportunity.  Chartering puts you in control of the schedule and assists in controlling budget.  In addition to flexibility and efficiency, private charters offer excellent in-flight service and a level of service and branding options not available on scheduled carriers.

Benefits of Air Chartering both Large and Small Aircraft

  1. Flying Direct / Point-to-Point Transportation
  2. Exclusive Use of an Aircraft
  3. Security / Direct Control of your Passenger List (Manifest)
  4. Use of Alternate Airports / Avoid the Busiest Airports
  5. Preferred Departure and Arrive Times
  6. Custom in-Flight Services

Controlling the otherwise uncontrollable! 
A company may simply wish the convenience of controlling its own flight schedules to enhance the value of its program. At Corporate Cruise Consultants, we assess the relative merit of a charter given your specific needs, desires and demographics and acquire the appropriate pricing and aircraft for the job maximizing and balancing the value of both charter and scheduled aircraft. We will always suggest air charter if the demographics of participants and scheduled service to the selected destination warrants. We have resources worldwide to help secure reliable equipment of every size.

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